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Planar Inverted Pendulum
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  The planar inverted pendulum series adopt an open architecture control solution and a modularized experiment platform. With XY table and 2-DOF robot arm module as the base platform, adding a 2-DOF ball joint, an one-stage or a two-stage inverted pendulum is developed to provide a more challenging research and experiment platform. A planar inverted pendulum simulates more closely the control and visual effect of an inverted handstand of an acrobat or the launching position control of a missile or rocket.
Main Feature
  Modularized Experiment Platform
    Industrial Grade Experiment Platform
    • XY table, 2-DOF robot arm and 2-DOF ball joint are all designed and manufactured according to industrial standards.
    • Industrial incremental encoder and AC servo motor
    Open Architecture
    • Hardware platform based on PC and DSP-based motion controller.
    • Experiment verification program (DOS version), with source codes provided.
    • Control software in MATLAB Simulink. Easy to development users controllers.
    User Creativity
    • Developing and testing ones own control algorithms.
    • Challenging the control problems concerning the two-grade Planar IP control algorithms.
    Technical Specifications

    1. XY Table

    Travel Distance (XY)

    250mm x 250mm

    Max. speed


    Dimension (L*W*H)


    Repeated positioning Accuracy

    0.02 mm

    Load Capacity

    15 kg


    < 30 kg

    2. 2-DOF robot arms

    Please refer to the relevant technical specifications of robot products of Googol Technology

    3. 2-DOF Ball Joint


    Rotation Range (RX x RY)

    >+30ºx +30º

    Unbalanced Torque


    Dimension (L*W*H)

    100 x 80 x 80mm


    0.5 kg


    Ordering Guide :

    Model Number

    Model Name



    Planar Single-Stage Inverted Pendulum with XY table

    Ø      customized XY Table

    Ø      planar single-stage inverted pendulum module

    Ø      control system (motion controller + two-axis servo motors)

    Ø      experiment software pack (DOS version) with source code

    Ø      Matlab development tool


    Planar Two-Stage Inverted Pendulum With XY Table

    Ø      GPIP 2001

    Ø      planar two-stage inverted pendulum module


    Planar One-Stage Inverted Pendulum With Robot Arm

    Ø      2 DOF robot arm

    Ø      planar single-stage inverted pendulum module



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