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Analog Control Module
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  The analog control module can be combined with Googol Techs automatic control experiment devices to perform typical closed-loop analog circuit experiments, magnetic levitation ball control experiments, ball & beam control experiments and many other experiments. Students can apply the analog control in many different fields and have a better understanding of automatic control theories and knowledge through these experiments. It is suitable for mechatronics, machinery and automations, automation majors and other related experiments teaching purpose.
System configuration
  • The analog control module is composed of the followings:
  • 1. Linear amplifying driving circuit, voltage: 24V, current: 5A;
  • 2. 6 operational amplifiers which can form 2 PID controllers;
  • 3. Signal generator: triangle wave, sinusoidal wave and square wave;
  • 4. Adjustable voltage output;
  • 5. Circuit board for students to set up their own circuits;
  • 6. Current loop, speed loop are used to detect the circuit;
  • 7. DC power, 24V, 6A
Compatible experiment devices
Experiments contents
  • 1. Signal following and filter design;
  • 2. Operational amplifier usage experiment;
  • 3. Typical step response experiment;
  • 4. P, PD, PID controller experiment.

Input power

220VAC 1A 50HZ

Output power

5V, 1A, +-12V, 2.5A

Control precision



420 x 320 x 120 (mm)

Linear driving output Power

+-12V, 2.5A

+-12V, 2.5A

About 6KG


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Analog Control Module for DC motor

-        Analog Control Module Box

-        User Manual

-        Experiments Manual



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